Surprising Funding Ideas for Your Business

Mastermind and CEO groups have long been popular among driven entrepreneurs seeking to learn new strategies and ideas for improving their operations. It’s no secret why. These groups provide a safe haven environment in which entrepreneurs can share and learn from the accumulated experiences of fellow members — as well as from the executive director […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Business Bank

As a small-business owner, if you feel like your bank is not meeting your needs, you’re not alone. According to a recent study by J.D. Power, only 32 percent of small-business banking customers feel that their current bank understands their needs, and only 37 percent feel their bank appreciates their business.  When it comes to financial services, […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Survive the Next Recession

There has been increasing talk of a burgeoning recession, whether because of a historically rare decade-long economic expansion or recent reports of an inverted yield curve, which is traditionally an indication of a downturn. Any recession is hard on all Americans, but it can be particularly devastating for entrepreneurs, who often have more to lose. Not only does an economic ebb […]

Why a Financial Planner Told Me to Do Nothing With My Investments

Learning about personal finance is one of the smartest, most life-changing moves anyone can make. After all, a proper foundation of financial knowledge can improve your life in immeasurable ways. Learning how to budget and build an emergency fund can help you create a life without money stress, for example. Plus, learning the best ways to invest for […]

Why Tax Reform Could Mean Bigger Bills for Businesses

With the 2019 year-end tax-planning season ramping up, many companies are still grappling with areas of complexity and confusion introduced by the landmark U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). The good news is that some of the fog surrounding key parts of the TCJA have been lifted as a result of new rules issued in […]

Keep These 4 Things in Mind Before Selling Your Small Business

Selling a small business for the maximum value to the right purchasers on the right terms can be a tremendous challenge, even for experienced business owners. Buying and selling an existing company is a complex process, but one that should be demystified. At its most basic level, the process is straightforward, just like the purchase of a single item. […]

9 Finance Personality Types — Which Is Yours?

If you work with a financial advisor, do you two have a personal connection? Does he or she “get” you? Do they have a deep understanding of what success means to you and what you want your wealth to accomplish? If not, it may be time to move on. In my experience working with top professionals […]